about me

i'm xenia, also known online as coral. i study electrical engineering at chalmers university of technology in gothenburg, but i'm also interested in mathematics, computer science and IT security.

i am a licensed ham radio operator under the callsign SA6NYA. you can often find me on the 20m band sending from the Chalmers student ham radio club ETA (callsign SK6AB). currently learning morse.

you can find me online under the handle @deadbraincoral and @loovjo. have some links:





i like taking photos. sometimes they even turn out well!

i use a minolta dynax 7, a really nice digital SLR film camera, can recommend it if you can find it at a reasonable price. for all pictures presented on this site, i've used konica minolta AF 17-35 lens, and lomography color negative 400 135 film. the photos were developed and scanned by the lovely folks at Götaplatsens Foto, a local camera shop and film lab nearby me.

photo gallery will be here SOON i promise.