Blattidus on

This page is served using blattidus. The blattidus instance is slightly modified to add some long requested headers.

What is blattidus

No one knows. Blattidus neither is nor isn't, the spectrum of isness is not applicable to blattidus.

How is blattidus running on the server

I do not know. If you know and can help me remove it, please contact me. I have fully reset the server computer multiple times, scanned the disk for blattidus and even switched computer physically, yet it is still here. Even when the server is turned off, blattidus is still hosted. It is the only known entity in the universe with 100% uptime and 0ms ping.

Cool, how do I run it myself?

By visiting this page, your computer now hosts a blattidus server. It is highly unclear where the server ends up, but time will tell you.

Oh no oh god please stop

Blattidus is inevitable. Blattidus is all